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Chris Lil Coop

  1. ChrisC
    Chris' Lil' Coop

    Porcelain Rooster
    Holland Rooster
    Buff Silkie Rooster
    Salmon Faverolle Rooster
    Cochin and Chabo Roosters
    Bigfoot makes an entrance. Why not?
    This is Bigfoot's brother reading the morning paper and watching the sunrise.
    This lil' alien fellow couldn't be upstaged by the make-believe hairy beasts. ;D
    The northwest side.
    This is the nesting box. Sorta looks like a doll house huh? I drew up these coop
    plans on a napkin and employed my oldest brother to build it. I've then spent 97
    hours this winter on evenings and weekends painting this mural. I know it's a bit
    over the top, but I plan to get alot of use out of it and hope that our grandkids will
    enjoy it also. We have to get some grandkids first though.
    This is the northeast wall. I've included this walking trail for added depth and visual
    The east wall. If you look real close you can see the Bigfoot in the shadows.
    The roosting perches. Notice the clean-out opening, this will have a door when it's finished.
    Southeast wall. The light will have a finished cover of course and the window will
    be trimmed out.
    A shot of the sky on the ceiling and cupola. Notice the openings for the doves.
    Fish-scale siding and chickens and doves on sandblasted windows.
    A good shot of the cupola. The top rectangular windows remove so it won't get too hot in these Utah summers.
    They still have mesh over the openings though to keep the doves in.
    A good look at the pair of dove sandblasted windows.
    The run and coop. Almost done now. Very, very exciting to see it come this far.
    Close to getting birds now. I'll put in a dead tree and trim it nicely and paint it white for the bantams and doves.
    I taped up these windows and carefully cut out these roosters and had my brother sandblast them. Since I'm only
    having hens and doves in the coop I figured I'd get the roosters in somehow.
    Dove work. This can be very tedious to draw and cut this out!
    Me doing the final touch ups on my mural. I think my wife thinks I'm a little kooky for taking ALL this effort, and you
    might also, but that's okay. I had alot of fun doing this, and I'll enjoy it for years to come. I made my first coop
    when I was 14 years old. I've also painted my first mural when I was 14 (although not in a coop). I've been fortunate
    to have made my living as an artist, and this coop has been a good canvas for sharing. I wanted this to be something
    special, all my other coops I've made have been a little lacking. I hope you all like viewing this. Go easy on me, I'm
    sure you all could rip this to pieces.
    July 21 of 09.
    My silkie rooster Papa Roach, with 2 white crested pollish pullets.
    This is Billy Idol. You should hear his rebel yell, it's weak, but I'm sure he'll learn to beef it up.
    All the single ladies. Frizzle, bearded silkies, cochin, and white crested pollish.
    At the end of the rainbow.
    Cameron. A watercolor painting of my youngest boy and our cochins.
    Breakfast With Tiffany. A watercolor painting I did of my niece and bantams.

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  1. lexie1214
    oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what detail! Im wondering what paint you used on the outside of your coop?
    Very nice. I like it allllllll!!!!
  3. Buggys Beaks
    WOW! That is one impressive coop! I am in awe. A spectacular design . . . and the artwork! Fantabulous!
  4. Alaskan
    Did you ever put doves in it too?
    looks lovely. Your murals are truly marvelous.
  5. danib
    Your mural is stunning. I also love the rainbow pic. Just beautiful :)
  6. Teacherpea
    Wow! That is really gorgeous!
  7. Katesdad
    Awesome murals! Great job on everything!
  8. onebusymom
    I'm speechless. Absolutely gorgeous. It has inspired me to ask my artist daughter to do a mural for my coop. Maybe a yeti sitting in the middle of a bunch of chickens. Lol
  9. kayjuggler
    You are an inspiration. I have a coop that my husband built and I have a background in art and never would have dreamed of doing what you did! Can't wait to show this to by husband. We've got work to do.........:)
  10. adgcountrygirl
    Your work is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

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