Welcome To Our Back Yard
Bloomington, MN
12 days and counting until my 4 babies arrive....2 Red stars, 1 EE, and 1 silver laced wyandotte.
Well all five made it safely yesterday( June 23rd 2010) from MPC. Yep, I called the Friday before they shippped Monday and added a Australorp.
They are the cutest thing. Although it takes a little bit to get used to their sleeping "look". We thought for sure the one was a goner!

Day one with our cuties. Betty(Australorp), Lulu (EE), Pancake (SLW), Henrietta (RS), and Jezabell (RS with dark strips down her back)

DD with her Betty (She got first pick, I am pretty sure the two of them are a perfect match, the two Princesses)

All five sleeping the first night.

My home made brooder by my DH. We do have a top made out of hardware cloth for it when they start to take flight!

Just look at that face!

The Babies Are Growing Up Fast..week 2

Pancake (SLW)

Jezebel (Red Star)

Lulu (EE)

Our Coop Project

This was the planning stage. We were scouting out the best location and size of the coop. Notice the cute Aussie helping out. (FYI that is my neighbors junk)

DH measuring twice, cutting once.

We decided to attach the wire directly to the bottom frame because I might have to move the coop one day.

Making progress w/ help of ds.

DD painting.

End of day two of coop project.

Starting to take shape.