☼•♥~Christie's Silkies~♥•☼
So my silkies are a massive part of my life now. In early Feb this year, Bella,Bee and Izzy lived through flash flooding.
So far I have my hens Izzy and Lily, my roosters Bee and Bella, and my little cutie Lucky.

lost a lot of silkies on the way either 11 or 12, the most current one being about a month ago ago D:
may they all rest in peace.
I've had my 2 roos and 2 hens for almost a year now, love each and everyone of them to death.

Then a few months later, Lily came into the family, they are one big happy family of chickens.
Lily was the first one to ever lay an egg.
I use my chickens as a way of calming me down and de stressing myself from my health issues.
I just don't build a connection with them
I emotionally connect to each of my birds. Its just not an addiction, its the way I keep my health issues at ease.

I must say silky_3699, is truely my best friend on BYC!

If you have any questions you would like to ask me feel free to message me.

Its no longer man and his dog, its now,girl and her chicken.

Semi wet chickens!

Lucky's story of being called Lucky!
I still don't know what killed them, there were no feathers no body parts, no birds could get in and out we put rat posioning in the roof and the walls of the coop.
sealed them off so that my chickens wouldnt eat it.

Okay so, Lucky is the last one left from my first ever lot of hatchings.
My hen Izzy hatched like 13 eggs for her first ever hatch

All of her bros/sisters died.
They were dissappearing in the night/day time, nothing can get in or out of the coop.
As they slowly got down to having Lucky and 2 others left.
so I had them all living inside in a box next to my bed with the hen
mind you this all happened in the middle of winter.
one day my mum took them outside to play and run around with the hen...
I got home from school...
I only had one left....
I was crying my eyes out at this point.
Mum told me that a crow had came along and picked one of them up...
My mum then locked the other 2 up in the coop... And one went missing, she ran outside saved Lucky thats how she got her name.

Out of 13, only Little Lucky lived.
<3♥May all of her brothers and sisters rest in peace ♥<3

Here is Lucky!

The Adults!
Izzy Growing up!

Izzy now!


Bee growing up:

Bee now:


Bella on left.

Now for the cute baby pictures:

"Don't you dare take a photo of me."↓

"Just because I'm cute doesn't mean to take photos of me"

Mum and Bubs

" I think I'm going to take a nap"

" Whatchu looking at"


" Yes, I am very cheeky"