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Christmas List Items Wanted

  1. meepitqueenie
    My daughters list:
    1. XBOX game- Oblivion
    2. XBOX game- Skyrim
    3. XBOX game- Dragon Age 2- have this already
    4. Sims 3 for PC
    5. Gaming headset
    6. WOW time card
    7. Thick winter hoodie
    8. Angel Statuette
    9. .5 pencil refills
    10. +20 Frost Resistance WOW hoodie- JINX
    11. Case of Mountain Dew
    12. Flavored tootsies
    13. Cowtails
    14. Sunflower nutmeats
    15. Thin Mints.
    16. :)Lance crackers- sour cream and chives- case
    My Husband
    1. dremmel parts/bits to go with his dremmel tool
    2. anything ghost realated
    1. Candles
    2. herbal essesence shampoo and conditioner
    3. lavendar baby oil
    4. Amazon gift card.

    eggs I am interested in getting in the spring:

    barred plymoth rocks
    rhode island reds

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