Christmas Parade!

By silver1polish · Dec 5, 2015 · Updated Dec 6, 2015 · ·
  1. silver1polish
    Today, I'm going to a Christmas Parade, with my 4-H group! I made a small wagon float. I'm going to walk the wagon in the parade with my chicken Miss. Red. I did it last year with her and she did not mind one bit she's such a good sport [​IMG] she also had LOTS of dry meal worms so she was keep busy for all of the parade. Here is the almost finished float pics...
    Here are so close-ups of it ( I just LOVE close-ups [​IMG])


    Updates comming in 1hr!!

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  1. SugarPlum
    How cute! Please share an update & photos if you have any:)
  2. N F C
    Very nice, happy holidays!
  3. souriasia
    Super cute and it sounds really fun! Hope you and Miss Red have a blast.

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