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Current ownership:
Bantams: Boss aka Struttin' Stuff. Full of himself. Proud of becoming a father.
Leghorn rooster.

Angel. Dainty.
Boss's Leghorn gal.

Queenie. Motherly.
Golden laced Cochin.

Brace`let. Feisty.
Black Cochin.

Snowflake. Broody.
Minorca cross.

Two horses: Ace (QH/Paint with Man o' War on Mom's side) Looks like a Throughbred.

King (Welsh pony of cob type) Graceful.
Five cows:

DaisyMae (Hereford/Red Angus) have been training her 3 years.

SweetPea (1/4 Herford 1/4 Holstien 1/2 Black Angus) show cow.

Febuary aka Feb (Holstien) show steer. Won't be around much longer.

Rosa (Jersey cross) show heifer.
Un named feeder steer. Red holstien.