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    I'm new to chickens this year. Trying to get it right, so I'm researching everything everywhere I can to be as informed as possible. I have a total of 13 chickens so far. There are 4 Silver Laced Wyandottes-2 hens-2 young roosters , 2 New Hampshire Red hens, 2 Austrolorp hens, 2 paired Black Silkies, 3 White Silkies of them 2 are roosters.
    I also have 3 Corturnix Quail 9 wks old. Quail eggs about to hatch again, this time 15. Going to get busy around here then. 2 Austrailain Shepherd dogs, 1 Black lab mix dog, 1 Flame Point Himalayan cat, 1 Black Persian older cat, 1 grey striped tabby cat, 1 handfed/raised red/white marmalade Tomcat, and 2 elderly rabbits.

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