Life is good here on the East Coast of Nova Scotia. I've always wanted to keep chickens and have found that I excel in Chicken Math! DH could probably do with a few less, but he indulges me. My recent addition of a few Lavendar Orpingtons got a comment from him that included the word "cute"!! High praise indeed! Once we actually get some eggs, I think he'll be a bit more enthusiastic. This summer we added our second coop and he was a great help with the build, even got up on the roof and that's not so easy for either of us anymore. I have a few too many roosters just now, even with having recently rehomed five of the big guys, but I guess that's to be expected. I know I won't be able to "process" them myself, so am trying to find somewhere to have that done for me as I have no objection to eating them.