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By DanKistner · May 5, 2014 · ·
  1. DanKistner
    So I wanted to get into raising chickens for eggs and decided to do some research. After hours of reading and looking at what other people had designed, I decided to design my own. I designed the Coop on the computer first so that I could get a better idea how to put it all together and what it might look like.

    After I liked the general design and layout, I got to work selecting an area in my yard and clearing the ground of sticks, roots, and somewhat leveling out the dirt.

    Next I set PT 4x4 posts in the ground and nailed in the basic frame. (Camera angle makes the whole structure look crooked).

    I built the roof in the carport and mounted that first. It had been down pouring all day so this at least allowed me to keep somewhat dry while I continued to work. I then wrapped the coop in panel board and hung the door.

    Next, I cut out and trimmed my maintenance access door, the chicken ramp door, and slapped on a heavy base coat of paint.

    I then mounted the access door, and started attaching all of the chicken wire. I also built and mounted the ramp.

    I then couldn't wait any longer so I went to the local feed/farm store and purchased my chicks.

    I have since build and attached the nesting box with a hinged lid, added more chicken wire to fill in any possible gap do to the loss of one of my girls :(, removed the screen from the door and mounted chicken wire to that, added more roof supports to keep the roof panels from sagging, attached hurricane straps to the roof joists, attached a gutter at the back of the roof with a downspout into a 55gal drum. I added a hose bib at the bottom of the rain barrel and connected a hose to about a 2 foot piece of 1.5 inch pvc. The PVC pipe has 5 chicken watering nipples screwed into it and it didn't take the chicks anytime at all to figure out how to use it.

    I will get more pictures of the coop in its current state displaying the things i have done since the last of the photos.


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Recent User Reviews

  1. alexa009
    "Good for a small flock."
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 8, 2018
    A suitable coop for about 3-4 birds, also planted on a good even surface to prevent flooding.
  2. Nardo
    "Not finished / Good visuals"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 2, 2018
    Good images of the coop design but dimensions and measurements would help.


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  1. Mountain Peeps
  2. DanKistner
    I thought about that but we have no raccoons that I know of here. I am in the city and the "wildest" animals we have are cats. I am about to mount a day/night surveillance camera out there to monitor them.
  3. Brookliner
    You might think about replacing the chicken (hex) wire with 1/2" hardware cloth. Chicken wire is not predator proof. Raccoons can rip right through it.

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