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By TopCityChicken · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jul 30, 2012 ·
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    Here's a photo of my finished chicken coop. I was unable to find coop plans for a smaller, easy-to-build coop, so I designed my own. (Contact info, below.) I had three MAJOR goals for my coop:
    1) No special skills or tools required.
    2) Easy to clean and maintain (I live in a sub/urban Oakland, CA and I like a tidy coop).
    3) Design a humane-sized coop/pen without building a "Poultry Taj Mahal."
    OK, and two MORE goals:
    4) Ability to use wood and other materials scavenged from the neighborhood, craigslist, etc.
    5) Highly predator-resistant (we have everything: raccoons, possum, hawks, rats, pitbulls, nosey kids...).

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    In previous career incarnations, I was a technical illustrator and a professional copy-editor. (Also an academic tutor, a landscape designer, and a cowgirl...)
    I waited until AFTER I built my own coop--and saw what worked and didn't work--before I wrote up the instructions. Then I waited until my hens (4 large breed girls) reached maturity before refining my design again.

    The coop itself is approx. 48"W x 30"D x 48"H. I added a small window to my finished coop; this coop is pretty easy to customize. I tweaked my final plans to make efficient use of materials such as 4 x 8 ft. sheets of plywood, standard lengths of 2 x 4" lumber, and so on. I bought the small window from a local salvage yard.

    I've since converted the interior nest box to an exterior one--my girls grew bigger than I expected! (I've drawn up plans for both nest-box types.) There's room for two roosts inside, plus a large access door on the back for coop cleaning.

    The smaller design is great for city folks who want fewer chickens and/or have limited backyard. These plans will help you build a sturdy coop with a nest box to keep your hens safe and happy—just ask my four “girls” who live in a hen house adapted from these drawings in Oakland, California!
    VISIT for more photos and information!

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