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By tracker1950 · Jan 8, 2013 · ·
  1. tracker1950
    I grew up in Queens, NY, then moved up to the "country" in CT. Never had time for chickens then. Now we live in Prescott, AZ, and just got our first chickens, 5 9 month old hens, on Saturday. They're doing great!

    I have some questions though...two breeds I'm not sure of what they are. I have a little Leghorn, what I think is a Barred Rock and then two of one unidentified breed and one of another. Posting pictures...any help ID-ing will be appreciated!
    Our very first egg, laid the day after we got our hens!


    I think the black and white one is a Barred Rock. The one in the back is black and rust, really pretty. Then I have two of the one to the right. I'll upload a better picture.


    Here's mystery hen number 2. Pretty, isn't she? I have two of these.


    And just for fun, here's the set up for these lovely ladies. For a city girl, I think I "done good!"

    Today we're bringing electricity to "the coop" and when the ground thaws out I'll have a spigot nearby. Hauling water ain't so much fun when it's cold outside!

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  1. tracker1950
    I lost sleep last night worrying about them. We've had unusually cold temps here in Prescott (8 degrees overnight!!!). I have a 250 watt heat lamp shining in the coop and put their water on top of a small crock pot to keep it from freezing up. They looked OK this morning. I feel bad for them!!!
  2. tracker1950
  3. TheCrazyClucker
    Black and white hen: Barred Rock
    Black and rust hen: Partridge Plymouth Rock
    Mystery Hen #2: Speckled Sussex
  4. tracker1950
    Thanks! That gives me something to go on at least. I can look them up and compare. Wow, a farm. What are you growing? I'm just trying to grow our food...fresher, organic, better. How many chickens do you have and what kinds? My daughter lives in Elmhurst, near Chicago...
  5. kschicks
    Your mystery hen #2 looks like a 'speckled sussex' and next to your 'barred rock 'looks like a 'partridge plymouth rock' but hard to be 100% sure since the picture of her is from above. All three are very pretty! I moved from Chicago to Kansas two years ago and now have a farm and started raising chickens this last year! I can relate to your transition and I'm having a great time with my "babies"!

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