Hello all and Welcome to my page.
Just a little about myself: I am a mother to a wonderful son and have been married to a patient and understanding husband for 21 yrs.

My wonderful husband decided several yrs ago to have himself some chickens to raise for fresh eggs. Well, as they say, the rest is history.
We started with about 8 and over the yrs they have died of natural causes and we have slowly been replacing them. Currently we have 5, what I believe to be Buffs
. In May we decided to increase the flock and went to TSC to purchase some. In a weeks time we bought 12 cute little puff balls. After a month on our back porch with a light in the rabbit hutch cage I went out about 3am to find all of them had been Killed by something.

Don't know for sure but could have been anything from a dog to an opposum. Most likely a cat though. My son was heartbroken! We decided to get some fertilized eggs from a friend so that the Broody hen would have some to raise. We recieved 8 and one was a no go and there was one that expired before hatch. So these are our 6 new additions.

That brings our total to 11. If any are Roos, they will have to find a new home or become our supper.
Our coop was named by my silly husband as a joke.


Thanks for stopping by to visit! And Y'all Come back now y'hear!