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By cjcochrane1 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. cjcochrane1
    chris cochrane living in a small village called Minishant in Ayrshire Scotland.
    i currently have 4 peking bantams - 2 black and white and another 2 new ones that my daughter describes as more like chicken - ie they are
    brown bantams.
    had my 2 black and white birds for just over a year and my daughter loves them, my son who is just coming 2 also loves to try feed them by chasing them round the garden throwing handfulls of layer pellets or their plastic feeder at them as the birds dash for safety. Thankfully they are chickens to my daughter and not pets and suprisingly she has never tried to name them even after pushing them around the garden in a pram one day

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