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And were off!!!
Well after having hatched a some chicks a few years ago
we thought we would give them a try and keep them this
time. One we wanted fresh eggs and the other to try and
teach the kids some resposability. We packed up the kids
and took a trip to Cal Ranch and picked a few chicks out.
The first were 3 white leg horns and 3 golden sex-links.
The next day we made another trip and picked out a few
more. This time 2 black sex-links and 2 buff orpintions.
A week later we were there again and this time they had
some other chicks so we had to get two more, 1 Ameriucana
and 1 RIR. Its hard to say no to fuzz balls. Anyway that was it
no more. We figured we would end up with a rooster or three
and we would most likely loose a chick or two along the way.
So far everyone has been healthy and doing well with no signs
of a rooster.
The hen house

Well now that we have the chicks it was time to start drawing up the hen house.
I alread had in mind what I was going after and started putting it out on paper.
A few hours later I think I got it. I needed to use as little matterial as possible
but still have something that would look great, eye pleasing, and the wife would
be okay with. It needed to be easy for the kids to access and retrive eggs as
well as easy to clean and maintain. Down to the lumber store I went to get the
wood and get started. Everyone pitched in including the kids and we made short
work on getting it put togeather and painted. In the process we ended up with
two more adult chickens, 1 buff orpington and 1 red sex-link.