Cleaning a foam Incubator.

By duluthralphie · Apr 13, 2016 · ·
  1. duluthralphie
    I have struggled with trying to clean a foam incubator.

    I thought getting the bottom clean and new looking was impossible. Between hatching debris and hard iron water. I thought they were destined to look terrible forever.

    This is going to be a real short hint on how to clean them. It does not take hours of scrubbing and believe me I have tried that. All that happens is I get frustrated and the Styrofoam gets a hacked up look. A couple weeks ago I was trying to clean the incubator. Having just come from my NPIP school I had changed some things.

    I disinfect every eggs twice now before it goes into the incubator. They told us why would you but a dirty egg into a sterile incubator. I looked at my foam ones (which I only use as a hatcher now as I incubate in the Sportsmans.) But nothing looked sterile in my Little giant or farm Innovators.

    As I clean them one of the challenges was the soapy water just runs out the air vents in the bottom. Then it dawned on me, and I admit I am slow.

    I said " Self, plug the darn holes". So I went on a mission to figure out how to plug them. The answer was easy. Q-tip type swabs! They fit right into the vent holes and block 99.9% of the leakage or more. I could simply mix 2 ounces of bleach into water and fill the incubators to the top! Now I suggest you do this either outside or on a hard surface as the foam does not have much structural strength. I left them sit for an hour, they are shiny clean like new again!

    Here is a picture I just took this morning of a new poult, look past the poult to the bottom of the incubator! This is my oldest one 4 years old and was all rust filled a month ago!

    I hope this helps some one else..

    Thanks for reading.



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