Hi guys
Long story, but I have just lost my little girl, sunshine today 😰 our hens are rescues, when she came to us she was tiny, with barely a feather, the weakest one. She became the bottom off the pecking order. Not that she would have it! She was full off character, always funny and very loving. She has never been 100% health wise, but we have always got through, this time though, we went to our holiday home for 3 weeks. (my son stayed home to mind our animals) On arriving home, I obviously went straight to see my girls, I noticed sunshine was not herself, all puffed up, hiding, not eating/drinking etc. I brought her inside and started treatment for coccidiosis, no improvement, tried worming her, no joy, all the while I’m giving her fluids through a syringe, the vets weren’t interested because of this covoid, and we had to isolate for 14 days on return, I ended up giving her antibiotics, still no improvement. She had Diarrhoea, Also, I thought she had tipped her water over, her bed was absolutely soaking and smelt terrible, but she hadn’t. I think she was leaking from her vent. There was no smell or leaking from her eyes, mouth or nose. I’m absolutely gutted. Also so frustrated, wondering if I could have done something different. Any ideas on what could have been the cause of this? what I could have done to cure it? Any help and advice would greatly appreciated, I’m literally heartbroken xx