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By Cluckhead · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Cluckhead
    Nesting boxes as seen through side access door.
    Run framed- closer to wire hanging.
    Windows, ramp, tin roof and most of it trimmed out in white and the rest painted green.
    I had a local sheetmetal place make me a droppings drawer that helps when I need to clean the coop.
    This was it during the summer. I have since added a roof to the run and a sliding door for the entrance that I can close when it gets really cold.

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  1. theoldguy
    Well done ,looks nice and usable
  2. Cali Girl
    I love your coop! I want mine to look like this!
  3. Cluckhead
    Thanks Abby, It works well for us! I have since added another 4 square foot section
  4. Abby2
    Great effort - Well done !!!

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