Part 1 - the pre-built coop... includes people door, and 6 nesting boxes. Ridge vents and windows for airflow, Ladder and poles for climbing/roosting.


Part 2 - erecting the walls for the 20x 10 foot run - well it started out that size, and the more that I read BYC forums the more convinced that I should make it bigger (even though we only have 10/14 chickens for now) - so it ended up as a 20 x 20. All pressure treated lumber used for the run, with 6 posts (one for each corner, plus 2
for the doorway) cemented 12 inches into the ground. The run is 7 feet tall.... Used Chicken wire to prevent the ladies from getting out, and
14 gauage welded wire on top of that (two sections of 48 inches with 12 inches over lap in the middle)
First wall up...


Second Wall went up... 2 10 ft long 2x4s of pressure treated wood, joined by heavy duty metal plates, with "studs" run eveyr 48 inches.
Attached each wall section attached to 8 foot long 4x4s that are 8 feet tall and cemented into the ground 12 inches (or so)


Example of 4x4 post cemented into the ground 12 inches

Run Wall 3

The sides were broken up into 10 foot sections with a cemented post in the middle to add strength since I wasn't overly happy with the stability of the one 20 foot back wall section.
Here is the finished side (2 10 foot sections and post in the middle and on both ends. Also, notice that this section is 2 inches taller - this will help slant the roofing once I put the roofing in over the run.


Other side (notice that the coop is fenced inside the run area). Also, since the ground is not level - I level by adding dirt and wood underneath this section (a placeholder 2x4 for now - it will be replaced with a custom cut piece soon...