The coop finally came over the fence from my wonderful neighbor. That dirt spot on the top,front point is where it landed. Heavy and with one person short to lift it over, that's not bad. It's a six foot fence. Not too much left for me to finish building. I do have enough hardware cloth to secure the lower part, but need lots of ideas for the rest.

It's my official start. Sept. 1, 2011.
Panel slides to control vents.

And here is the other side with panels open.


Interior dimensions on each side of center brace are 32" right to left and 36" front to back... standing on the long side of the coop with long panel open. That is a 3 foot measure resting there.
Lower run area is 5' by 6'. Coop is 4 1/2 feet tall at center.
Will want to replace the string that controls the door /drop down ramp. Door in floor partly hidden in this photo.
Upper level = 18 sq. ft.
Lower level = 30 sq. ft.
Not all of that is usable, due to the slope of the roof.
Portland chicken info link:
Handcrafted Coops makes one almost identical in size and shape, but much spiffier.
BTW... Notice the ripening berries , lower right, of an arum italicum. Google that if your not sure, the spring and early summer leaves are distinctive too. The berries will be red. These are toxic and if you have little children, they often try to eat them. If this happens do not induce volmiting and call poison control. Mine will be dug and moved come fall so the future chicks are safe.