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By Cluckocrat · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Finally Finished The Coop and Run!
    Well...95% finished...still have a few few tiny details to tighten up but our girls have been in for a few weeks now and we have all been settling into our routine....
    I started my wife and out on this crazy new adventure that she wanted NOTHING to do with in the beginning of April...
    Now that is is in love with our girls, our basement is scarred from the brooding of 7 feathery poop machines I have no idea where I came from or where I'm going. Hard to believe I am straight outta Compton. Well, middle class Philadelphia, but far from farms.
    We have one Easter Egger that MAY be somewhat of an olive egger....the lady I got them from had eggs that were this amazingSage greenish color with specks....but she wasn't sure if this girl would be in that batch...Her name is Peep
    One New Hampshire REd....Claire - after Six Feet Under's one point I was goin to name the girls after the female leads of our favorite twisted cable dramas and comedies like weeds and US of Tara etc....but.... ( i also thought of naming them all of Tara's alters on USof T as well. but but...)
    One Gold Laced Wyandotte name Aunt Joanne passed from cancer the day I was picking them up - in a finny way she has a bit of her personality...and she is gorgeous....well, her hackles seem rounded enough and I see no signs of roo for my NON experience but I have had a few doubts
    One Mottled Java - Bean...I am getting nervous with the onset of some irredescent feathers on her back.....but not long tail feathers or other signs but she has become one of my little babies...she loves it when I whistle and is smartest, has always risked running closest to see if a treat might be near wife says she wear her pantaloons as her legs are plump and fluffy...her running waddle is cute...I call her plump and tasty in tease knowing I would have a tough time eating her...
    One Welsummer - Cornflake, I was fascinated the Kellogg rooster was a Welsummer so...also getting a bit nervous Corn could be a roo but she is slow in the comb and waddles so not as much I guess...
    and finally we have two California Whites...started out with one....I got her from the feed supply store...completely separate from the rest of the chicks. Wh nI got her I didn't notice anything wrong, however later that night her right eye was closed a bit. It got worse and we kept her rfom the others. Her eye was closed and it looked more like the skin never opened to reveal the actual eye....she also seemed weak and listless etc....we nursed her in our bed...kept her in a box with a light etc next to out bed and put her on a heating pad at night in our bed and all...well, in a few days she was like Joan of Arc.....bouncing off the walls but the eye was still funky...we tried a few things and nothing...after a while we put her back with the others and to this day her eye has opened more and we are not sure if she can see sometime we think so and others not so sure but she is the fiestiest one of all. In fact, I am most nervous about her being a rooster...she may be the smallest (we just call her Baby...original..the baby...) but she has had comb and waddles first etc....of her and her sister ( who we call SISTER !!!!!) her tail drops down and Sister's points up.... >??????

    so that is our new flock..... here are links to my new Flickr page detailing the whole kind...I am not skilled what so ever and tend to screw this kind of stuff up.....never could draw inside the lines....

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