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By Fluffers · Oct 21, 2016 · Updated Oct 23, 2016 ·
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    Hello Parents and Teachers of Clucksville School District! The new 2016-17 school year is starting, and there is much to be talking about! This new school year there will be over 48 students in the district. 4-5 students in each grade! here teachers come to see websites for their students, parents see the lunch menu, and much more! This year the PTA is releasing new Sports teams!
    Clucksville Diving Ducks, (synchronized swimming) and Clucksville Courageous Clucks! (soccer) Both allow cockerels and pullets to compete. (only available for 6th-12 grade, Swimming for (3rd-12th grade)

    School Rules And Policies
    no toys on campus
    no guns or weapons
    no hiding behind the bushes on the playground
    no throwing food
    only water in classrooms
    no shorts above knee (where the feathers end)
    wings to yourself'
    no masks
    flush the toilet after you go
    no "bling"ed out phone cases
    no spaghetti strap tank tops
    no necklaces over 10 inches in length
    no throwing balls at other students or windows
    no teasing
    be respectful
    be safe
    no farting in class
    School Cheer
    Cluck cluck! Quack quack!
    Clucksville makes a comeback!
    Run Swim,scratch,kick
    Clucksville will never bail,
    Clucksville will never Fail!
    Cockerels compete,
    Pullets power through!
    Together we are unstoppable!
    Cluck cluck, quack quack,
    Clucksville made a comeback!
    (i know this is really cheesy..)

    Lunch menu [​IMG] :
    up soon

    district staff:
    up soon

    Lost and found
    up soon

    More info soon

    Sports teams banners Games! School Supplies: K-3 4-6:

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