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co-broodies: Cenere and Ombretta

  1. ItalyChickie
    Cenere is a blue Cochin, and one of my very favorite girls. She has the sweetest personality, very curious and not afraid of people at all. Her hobbies include striking the funniest poses for my pictures and eating yogurt from my hand.

    I am not sure what breed Ombretta is, but she is a bantam, and about half the size of Cenere. She is far more skittish of people and less silly than Cenere is, though super sweet with babies and generally not aggressive with anyone - new additions, others' chicks, you name it. She is higher in the pecking order than Cenere, and it's quite funny to watch her dictate the rules to the twice-as-big Cenere.

    These two have surprised me by deciding to combine forces to raise chicks (after the chicks were hatched, they were separately brooding before then). Since then, they have decided that raising chicks is easier together, and now only go broody as a team.


    Family dust-bath: Yes, that is Cenere's head peaking out from under Ombretta, and the light and dark blobs are two of the chicks.


    "Hi there, I'm your mom too!"

    And some of just Cenere since she likes to pose...

    "Step away from the babies!"

    more posing for the camera:



    A kiss from a red star friend (Cenere was unimpressed, it seems):



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  1. ItalyChickie
    Thank you all! :)
    @Lilorp14 - I know, I sure didn't expect them to join forces, but after that first time, as soon as one goes broody, the other one joins her! It's like a permanent arrangement. They are too cute. :)
  2. birdman55
    very beautiful bird
  3. Lilorp14
    its amazing that they joined forces to raise chicks !
  4. chixinrox
    Great pictures, thanks for sharing!
  5. ItalyChickie
    Yeah, I mostly see the darker Cochins too, and my Orps are a much darker blue with more defined lacing... Cenere is a very light blue - of course I had to have her when I saw her! :) That was a couple of years ago; still one of the prettiest I have.
  6. RezChamp
    Dang that is one pretty bird. I want some.
    Actually I had a pr a few years ago. They were quite a bit darker though.
    I like this shade.
  7. emma p
    That is so awesome! This is weird but I have Cochins and just the other day I was thinking about if that ever happened!
  8. ItalyChickie
    My other Cochin is still a pullet (6 months old), actually, so for the moment that whole group is near the bottom of the pecking order, but she sure is feisty, more so than Cenere ever was, probably because this one grew up with a broody that was near the top of the pecking order... Don't know yet for sure, but I bet this one will move up in the pecking order a bit... should be clear in a few months, I'll keep you posted!
    And yes, they are sooooo sweet!
  9. Kluk-Kluk
    Cochins sure are sweet. Is your other cochin near the bottom of the pecking order, too?
  10. ItalyChickie
    @Kluk-Kluk Your Cochin is GORGEOUS, love that picture!

    I don't know how to explain the sounds Cenere makes... it's more a single, drawn out "Coooooooooo", long pause, then if you ignore her, a louder "COOOOO" - rising in pitch and volume all the time. It definitely sounds like complaining though!

    I have another Cochin, a black one, and she doesn't do that sound... so I don't know, maybe unique to blue Cochins? ;)

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