Coccidiosis-- How to Prevent and Treat it

By JerseyGiantfolk · Dec 29, 2012 · Updated Apr 14, 2013 · ·
  1. JerseyGiantfolk
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  1. cgoodloe
    This was informative. I fed my first flock medicated starter. Never saw any weird nutrition problems from it, but one chicky laid funny shaped eggs as an adult. It was like she'd stop laying in mid lay so the eggs had ridges and rolling hills with a pointy end. I'm using non-medicated starter on my new flock of bantams. So I will have to watch for symptoms of this with the newbies.
  2. Marty1876
    Good Luck JerseyGiantfolk!
  3. chickenpooplady
    Great article! Very well written!
  4. JerseyGiantfolk
    Thank you all for the nice comments, I'm glad it helped!
  5. Mell62
    Excellent article, I lost one to cocci. Was doing great, but just didnt catch it in time. I medicated the rest of the flock and the two newbies as a precaution. Alls well at Cashews Diner.
  6. countrygirl74
    Very informative - thanks!
  7. juststruttin
    Great article. I had no idea medicated feed depleted vitamins. Very interesting
  8. Hangtown Farms
    awsome. love the article !
  9. Chickenfan4life
    Well done! This was very well written! Wishing you luck in the contest!
  10. sumi
    Good article!

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