Cochin Red Buff And Blue Mottled

By bizzyme123 · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. bizzyme123

    Red Buff and Blue Mottled Created by bizzyme123
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    THese are the most friendly chickens; easy to handle; I have 4 roosters and can't part with them; I have red buff hens and Blue mottled hens also. They are small and lay like crazy!!!





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    Hens and Roosters in the run; Just started laying the week before...​


    Hens and Roosters in the yard; Great pets!!!​

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  1. joanie_maine
    No such thing as red buff.....your birds are buff
  2. Chicken Tamer
    Are they for sale??
  3. mmorgan79936
    I cant post pics yet but al we have are Cochins. We have Golden and Silver Laced and then a Rooster (I believe maybe he was a Buff~ he passed yesterday we had him 3 years :() We think heat of 108 got him. i have a pic of him in my album and I need someone to help ID him for me so I know what I am looking for to get another one. But I have to say our floc of Cochins are very very friendly and our Roo was just a comedian he had us laughing every day and loved the kids!! These are the Best breeds!

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