This page is dedicated to all my Cochins, and focusses on several of the ones which are precious to us, simply because their personalities stand out.
Smokey is my favorite cockerel.


Here are more photos of him.

Flapping his wings



Smokey is a Blue Cochin bantam. In these photos, he was about 3-4 months in age. He was not the first to start crowing, but he is the most self-assured mellow cockerel. This may also be the reasons why he is the top cockerel now and all the hens love him. All the Silkie chicks love him too, and he doesn't need to fight, or bully the rest into submission. His laid back mellow temperament is also calm, confident, and brave. He was one of the first chicks to bond with Rummy (my Airedale) and they are best buds in the world.

Rummy and Smokey.


He loves to be cuddled and given attention. When I come close to him, he comes closer and sits by my side. He lets me pet him, and he purrs like a cat sometimes, giving a soft "brrrrrr.." sound, showing his content. He is a very handsome bird, and I think he's going to be the nicest roo I'll have.

The other Cochins we have are all nice too. Well.... maybe 2 are not so nice. Mr Frizzle and Ashley are jostling for the 2nd and 3rd positions in the hierarchy, and as such, seemed to find bullying and intimidating as a technique, they think will help them.

Ashley is a darker shade of blue/grey feathers than Smokey. He is also beautiful in his own way.

Ashley is on the right, he ruffles his feathers at Smokey, but Smokey doesn't think its a challenge enough. He just ignores Ashley.



The nicest sweetest chicken comes in the form of Ebony for me. She isn't the most beautiful hen in the flock, but she is the most endearing. She loves to cuddle, and will jump on your arm, lap, shoulder, limb, so that she can get direct attention.

My precious Ebony. All black Cochin bantam pullet.


My gang of 4.

All are cockerels, and they get along. Perhaps now they do, while they are still juveniles, but they do hang out together and play, eat, sleep and forage together. They also take turns guarding the flock, and they do the chest bumping thing, but not aggressively, which is a good thing. No feathers have been torn, no chicken injured thus far.

Mr Frizzle

He is a very interesting chicken to look at. His feathers curl outward toward his face, and he is a feisty little bugger.


Onyx, the smallest of the males. He is dark solid black. This photo was taken when he was 2-3 months old. Still very young.
His feathers were also the first to shine with the pearlescent sheen. He is a very beautiful cockerel, but just little nasty. He may have the napolean syndrome because he is smallest of the boys.


Goldie, named after the actress Goldie Hawn, for her spunk, feisty personality. She always has the intense look in her eyes, but she is also a very beautiful chicken.

The only 2 frizzle chickens in my flock right now. Goldie (pullet) and Mr Frizzle.

Of all the breeds of chickens I have, my favorite is the Cochin because of their loving nature. They are very cuddly and friendly, and I suspect, they may have suffered from an identity crisis, thinking they are pet dogs instead of chickens, from the way they seek out human companionship.
For Spring 2011, I'd like to add more Cochins, either Large Fowl, or Bantams. But this time, I really want the odd colors. Gold Laced, Birchen, Silver Laced, Mille Fleur who knows? And this time, I've decided that I want to try the quality from local breeders. There are some good Cochin breeders in WA state I'm sure.