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    Hello Everyone! [​IMG]
    From Cockadoodlemom

    My daughter made up my name for me and she likes to come look on here too. This year my husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. I have three beautiful, smart, and talented children (23-yr. old son, 15-yr. old daughter & 10 yr. old son). I have a grandson who is 17 months old and smart, beautiful, and talented daught-in-law. We live on my mom & dad’s 42 acres and We Love It! I love BYC and it’s wonderful to hear everyone’s advice and daily doin's.
    [​IMG]A list of my Critters:
    Angel & Lil’Bit-heifer
    23 hens
    2 RIR roos
    5 geese~1 is spoilt rotten
    4 ducks
    Wilbur-potbelly pig
    Coco & Peaches-toy poodles
    Angel-rat terrier
    Flo Joe-blue heeler/lab mix
    And 55 gallon fish tank


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