Cockatiel sick! Need

By MissMorgan7817 · Aug 2, 2018 · ·
  1. MissMorgan7817
    I have a 14 year old female cockatiel. She has never been sick. She hasn’t laid any eggs within the past year or so. I noticed about 4 days ago she was breathing heavier. Today I picked her up and under her tail and in her lower belly she has a bulge. I have read about egg binding and I have no clue if this could be it. Or maybe it is just a tumor/growth :( she is acting normal, eating well..just rapid breathing. What do I do? Any thoughts on egg binding or tumor?

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  1. ChickNanny13
    Sorry to hear about your cockatiel, hope she's hanging in there. Have you considered taking her to a Vet? You need to repost this ASAP in the Emergencies, Disease, Illness & Cures forum ... You'll get more reponse and help.
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