I have several breeding pairs, and plan on expanding.
Below are some pictures and examples of what I am getting out of the breeding pairs I have now. It is a little difficult to try to predict what I colors I should be getting out of these birds simply because I dont know thier background. But I am doing my best to keep good records.
Here are some pics of the different color birds I have!

Here is a list of some terms you should probably know before you go on!
W/F: White Faced, the bird won't neccessarily have a white face, but overall the term means that the bird is lacking the brightly colored yellows, reds, and oranges on the body and face. All my birds are white-faced
Grey: the base color is grey
Cinnamon: the base color is a light brown or "cinnamon"
Pearl: the feathers are laced in color, in addition to some striping on the tale and wings occasionally
Pied: in white faced birds, the bird is covered in white blotches or the bird is primarily white, only showing some patches of another color
Split-Pied: the bird carries the pied gene & will produce pieds if bred to another bird that is dominant or resessive pied; most birds will show some white stippling or small white patches on its neck and head if it is split pied
Split-Pearl: the bird carries the pearl gene & will produce pieds if bred to another bird that is dominant or resessive pearl, a non-dominant pearl or "split" pearl can usually be identified by small white pinpoint-sized dots on its chest
Light Pearling: the pearl is much lighter on the bird and is almost transparent
Heavy Pearling: the pearling is darker and more consentrated on the bird

W/F Grey Split-Pied
W/F Charcoal Grey

W/F Cinnamon Split-Pied

W/F Grey Pied

W/F Grey Pearl Split-Pied

Albino (top) & W/F Grey Pied

W/F Cinnamon (light) Pearl Pied

Picture187.jpg cockatiels013.jpg
W/F Cinnamon (heavy) Pearl Pied

*NOTE: I cannot guarantee when the color you request will be hatched, but as soon as it hatches, that one will be your bird.

W/F Pied
Straight Run: $65
*Males: na
*Females: na

W/F Pearl
Straight Run: $70
Males: na
Females: na
Genetically Hens only: $80

W/F Cinnamon Pearl Pied (heavy & light varitey)
Straight Run: $75
Males: na
Females: na

W/F Charcoal Grey (Split Pied)
Straight Run: $65
Males: na
Females: na

**!!BIRDS OF THESE COLORS USUALLY RUN BETWEEN $90 AND $120 AT PET SHOPS!!**(for regular whitefaced)
*I can hold the birds until I know if they are males or females, but because this takes an extra couple weeks to tell if they are males or females, the price will be slightly higher. ((NO LONGER AKING FOR THIS FEE))

*Here's what's for sale NOW!*
All these birds are completely hand-raised and tame!
All are under a year, but if they are not weaned yet, it is listed. I will not let them go until they are weaned, but you can still let me know if you are interested in one of them and I will let you know as soon as they can go to their new home. I keep them for one week after they are weaned to assure they really are completely weaned.

~Thanks for looking and send me an email if you are interested in any of them or placing a request!~