Cockerel or Pullet?

  1. AustralorpLover1004
    8F7148B8-9BC4-40DB-809B-1A801B316A82.jpeg 18CACA86-C186-4F85-898C-5C3599EE6812.jpeg C4716835-CEF0-4F53-A1D4-5975D5BD5634.jpeg 31487AB3-C9CE-4F99-8C40-1536D708E563.jpeg 1F6366FA-6666-4762-99F4-4E13FFE2A173.jpeg E47E72EC-E9FE-4462-96BE-A69136C6ECC1.jpeg I have two chickens, a new learned Dominique and an Australorp. I’m pretty positive that the Dominique is a male, but I’m not sure about the Australorp. I posted when they were smaller and have been requested to post again, so here it is. Feedback is appreciated!

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  1. MROO
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    1. AustralorpLover1004
      Thanks for the tip
  2. ChickNanny13
    You may want to repost in the "forum" instead of the "article" section of the website, more likely more replies. Although you posted earlier on, reposting you should include their ages .... At this time, they both look to be pullets.

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