Coco & Sunshine

By WendyLee · Jun 1, 2013 · Updated Jun 1, 2013 ·
  1. WendyLee

    Coco is an Easter Egger. She is about 11 weeks old. Sunny is a Buff Orpington, also 11 weeks old. I got them both at the Feed Mill down the road. They are totally BFF's! They follow each other, play with each other, even chat with each other! lolol Like a couple of old Hens!

    They both LOVE cantaloupe! They also LOVE cherries! I need at least ten minutes of cuddling with each girl per day! They love to snuggle in my arms! Being over 50, I have been getting a bunch of those skin tags around my neck. Well, Thanks to Sunny, I have less now! She is also determined to peck off my birthmark on my thigh!

    I built my girls a pretty nice coop and run...all by myself! My husband isn't one for building things. I cannot believe how much JOY these 2 girls have brought to me! My husband and I just sit out back and watch them for hours. They show off and play for us. Yesterday I hung a big cabbage head in their run. They played with it all day!!! They had so much fun!



    These are Chicken Butts! They were making a sand bath! hahaha So sweet!


    They LOVE getting their pictures taken! They come running out and POSE! Little Divas!


    This is Coco! She is such a cuddle bug!


    It's hard to believe they were once this small! They were best friends from the start!

    I also have 3 cats and 3 dogs...all rescues. I truly love my animals as they just bring such calmness and peace into our lives...even though most of our day is tending to them, feeding, cleaning, walking, etc. They are so worth it to us! We can't wait for our girls to start laying eggs!!

    If their picture gets picked for "Picture Of The Week"...I just might cry!!! lolol

    Thank you for this wonderful site. I have learned so much!


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