coffeegirl78's chicken pages
I'm Chelsea, and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and daughter. We currently have what we like to call a "backyard farm". We live in a smallish town, and have a fair sized city lot. On this lot, we manage to squeeze in bantam chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and other critters. We also have an amazing garden every year. If you woke up in our backyard, you would swear you were on a little farm. We love it that way!
Our chicken population is ever rotating. I am into hatching eggs that I buy from people who have excellent stock, and are allowed to have roosters-something which I'm not able to do.
As of Summer 2008 we have:
  • : cochins, silkies, wyandottes, d'uccles, and silver spangled hamburgsbantams including
  • : weimaraner, german shorthaired pointer, and havanesedogs
  • rabbits: mini rex and dutch coming soon~mini satins~
Some of our girls~past and present

a sample of our chicks