Cogburn's Hen House
My wife and I built this coop in Oct-Nov 2011. We wanted a medium size hen house and so we studied the coop section in the Backyard Chickens Website. We borrowed a lot of the features from the coops in the BYC medium coop section particularly Henebunkport. We may insulate the inside next year if it is needed. We also plan to add vents front and back and some more roosts. Thanks everyone for all the ideas.

Our Henhouse we built over about 6 or seven weekends (Oct to November)

We added the run the following weekend

Walls Up (I built in Garage with nail gun)

Floor is 3/4" T&G OSB (we added vinyl later)

Built on skids (In case we need to move it)

Window side and back

Inside Framing

Rafters ( My nephew Trevor Helped design)

Egg Door (16"x 48")

Egg Door ( We added a bolt latch on the other side)

Nest Boxes(16"x16")

Large window (Courtesy of my Mom and Dad left over from a previous project)

Run (6'x10')

Run with mesh bottom chicken wire top

Ramp and Chicken Door (12"x16") Penny posing

Henny and Penny

Roost with a view!

Penny scratching around in her new house

The finishing touch!