Coley Acres

By rscoley · Jan 23, 2012 · ·
  1. rscoley
    We have a few acres in rural north florida, we have chickens, and cats right now, we are getting more chickens this spring, we have what are called cholesterol free chickens, so far I cant find anything scientific backing this up. let me know if anyone knows anything.
    we will be getting donkeys and goats this spring as well as some more farm animals....

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  1. tdgill
    interesting...sounds like a myth to me too but who knows :) I was once told of a "self cleaning barn" It was so dust free and cobweb free, I thought it musta had something to do with the ventilation and low humidity and such. I put alot of thought into it. lol. Think some old farmer was having fun and my leg was at the pulling end.
  2. Twisted Beak
    I've heard it said the Americauna hen lays colesterol free eggs. Americauna are great chickens, we have a dozen of them, their eggs have blue or green shells (whatever color their feet are is what color eggs they should lay) As far as being colesterol free, I believe that is a myth. Either way, these are my favorite hens, friendly dispositions & play well with others once dominance is established. The proverbial "Pecking Order" is established early on. We also have 12 bardrock & 4 buff orpington, makes for a beautiful flock. If you learn anything more regarding the colesterol, please let me know.

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