Collapse Able Chicken Tractor

By mudpaw · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. mudpaw

    This is a simple, collapse-able chicken tracor that anyone can make (and on a tight budget too!). It can be made from PVC, wood or whatever you can think up!

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  1. Almost Broke
    Just saw this on Pinterest. There is so much on BYC that a person can miss jewels such as this. This collapsible chicken tractor is perfect to house extra randy roosters waiting to re-home. Or as a temporary isolation ward for an ailing hen. Maybe even as a broody hen house. Love it!
  2. mom4morecritters
    Great idea! Thank you!
  3. raygirl4386
    this is what ive been looking to make since i dont have a place to store a noncollapseble one, thank you for sharing
  4. CluckyJay
    Great idea!!!!!

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