Colorful Coop Made By Kids

By LoveNewChicks · May 26, 2012 · Updated Jun 20, 2012 · ·
  1. LoveNewChicks
    This coop is made all by kids from 3-11

    #1[​IMG]this is the coop (not painted)
    it is made from plastic-coated wood and plywood roof

    #2[​IMG]my little brothers painted this side

    #3[​IMG] this side I made for my brothers

    #4[​IMG] close up

    #5[​IMG]my side

    #6[​IMG]the inside with a hammer for size comparison ( this photo will be updated soon) the nails that are poking out are gone now

    #7[​IMG]the side with the door

    #8[​IMG]the run is almost done!

    #9[​IMG]different view



    #12[​IMG]the second story nesting box


    #14[​IMG]the inside of the nesting box

    #15[​IMG]the doorway into the nesting box

    #16[​IMG]one of my helpers

    the " new idea " for the nesting box is:
    in pic #16 the plywood on top will be cut into a flap to get the eggs
    in pic #15 you can see the inside, a hole with a ladder will be cut,
    in pic #14 is the idea for a divider,

    do you think the nesting box idea will work?

    if you have any suggestions for a door,windows,or roost PM me thank you! :)

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    "Small Coop"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Aug 11, 2018
    It's nice the kids spent time building a coop for the chickens but there are some issues with this one. Lack of ventilation is a problem and the nesting boxes on the 2nd floor, to name a couple. According to the comment made by the member, this coop fell apart so apparently the building wasn't very strong.


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  1. N F C
    Like the painting!
  2. LoveNewChicks
  3. LoveNewChicks
    well... during a wind/rain/thunder storm it crumpled :(
    so... an new one is to be built :)
  4. LoveNewChicks
    I just completed the run
  5. Roxannemc
    So pretty1! GREAT JOB... DO add more pics as you go
  6. 99Peeps
    I like your colorful coop! I bet your little ladies will like it too. You did a terrific job.
  7. LotsofChickens
  8. LoveNewChicks
  9. MomsGoneMild
    You guys did a GREAT job! Your hens will LOVE it!

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