Combination Garden Shed Hen House

By Brian · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Aug 4, 2012 · ·
  1. Brian
    Combination Garden Shed/Hen House, designed and built by Brian McPartland, 2007.
    Here is my combo shed/coop. It is 18 feet long in total. The shed portion is 6x8', and the coop portion is 8x10'. I wanted an internal shed area for feed storage, as well as a handful of tools for the neighboring garden. It was completed on 1-16-08, and chicks will be arriving approximately 2-1-08: all 25 of them (I hope). See additional page for pictures of chicks.
    The 2x6 pressure treated foundation joists rest on 4x4 pt skids. The sub-floor is made of 3/4 inch CDX. When drilling or nailing into the pressure treated wood, one must be careful to use treated fasteners so as to not quickly rot out in the treated wood. Framing utilizes standard fir 2x4's, and roof rafters are 2x6 fir. The framing was wrapped in carpenters felt (aka. tar paper). Windows were made with kiln-dried fir and polycarbonate. The door is solid fir. The siding is full-thickness 1x10 boards which were custom milled for me locally. Bats are 1x2.5". Roofing uses 1/2" OSB and standard felt and asphalt shingles.
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at [email protected]. I rarely check my messages here on BYC, so it is best to email me directly.


    Here is the front shot.


    10x36" window, made of polycarbonate and dry fir trim.
    Front Door. I couldn't find hardware I liked, so I made this old-fashioned style latch.
    Here is the back of the coop.
    Snowy day! S5002527.gif
    Next is the interior shot, from the coop portion, looking toward the shed/storage portion.
    Inside the coop portion. Nesting boxes and roost boards.
    My ceiling vault (9:12 pitch).
    Here are some extra pictures:
    3/4" CDX on top of pressure treated 2x6, on top of p.t. 4x4 skids.

    Walls framed.
    Roof rafters in place.
    Wrapped in construction felt to resist moisture and drafts.

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  1. jtbass2756
    How far apart are the roost boards...I need to go ahead and do mine and I'll be doing it myself...
  2. Alaskan
    Lovely coop!
    Can you post a finished picture with the run?
  3. Green Lantern
    beautiful! I bet your chickens love it!
  4. marxmail
    Very very nice! What a nice job.

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