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By Peep-Chicken · Mar 8, 2014 · Updated Mar 9, 2014 · ·
  1. Peep-Chicken
    There will be admins, allowed to do whatever. They will be the programmers

    Next there are moderators, they keep the forums safe and have the ability to block people from the game, from the forums, delete topics and posts, give warnings and censor topics and posts. There is a requirement for being a moderator that I will not share yet for some certain reasons.

    Lastly there are members. They are simply players. They have the ability to report people in th forums as well.


    These help a chicken during competitions.

    Flight: increases the chicken's ability to fly
    Speed: increases the chicken's speed
    Beauty: how nice the hen looks. The more work your chicken does the lower your beauty goes. Some breeds have a minimum low beauty (ex. Lowest possible beauty for polish is 20% no matter how much you work it).
    Stamina: Increases the chicken's ability to stay active longer in competitions, it decreases the chance of it giving up
    Strength: increases the power of the chicken
    Determination: when a chicken loses a competition it may lose happiness. The higher the determination the less happiness goes down.

    Chicken Breeds:

    • Australorps
    • Orpingtons
    • Rocks
    • Polish
    • Sumatras
    • Rhode Islands
    • Welsummers
    • Cochins
    • Silkies
    • Americaunas
    • Ayam Cemanis
    • Leghorns
    Will add more...

    Americaunas Plymouth Rocks
    Colors: Colors:
    -blue -barred
    -splash -white

    Australorps Ayam Cemanis
    Colors: Colors:
    -black -black

    Orpington Leghorns
    Colors: Colors:
    -buff -white
    -lavender -brown


    Rhode Island





    -white crested black



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  1. RaintheRooster
    Good idea and lol yes I logged in on my account on your phone and didn't log out
  2. RaintheRooster
    WHAAAT! I'm on your account rain! I'm supposed to be on thee MidnightRooster account!!
  3. RaintheRooster
    I like it, but can you make the beauty go up if you select a button saying "groom mode" or whatever and the chicken will "clean" itself, (non moving, right?) and do a dust bath or whatever?
    Also, there should be seasons and you can't graze in the winter and stuff and your chicken can get frost bite, or other stuff according to the seasons. I don't program so sorry if its hard! There should also be like a beauty button so it says: sheen: ---%, crest reddness (or size or whatever)--%, you get the point. There should also be this huge chicken Olympics race every mont and you can enter whenever and its on the last day and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd get generous prizes!a bunch of original ideas for you!
  4. RaintheRooster
  5. ChicknsRock
  6. RaintheRooster
    Early bird, yes, based off of that idea, that it is sort of a non-moving game and some general ideas, but we want originality so that's why we are asking you for ideas.
  7. earlybird10842
    I'm a little confused--is this like except with chickens??
  8. RaintheRooster
    Yes, I did. And anyone, don't be afraid to comment, any ideas will be considered
  9. Peep-Chicken
    Rain, can you please do the skills for me?
  10. RaintheRooster
    Anyone may edit this. We make backups though if you attempt to ruin it sorry it won't work
  11. Peep-Chicken
    Ok cool thanks!
  12. RaintheRooster
    Oh and put the most common feather colors on top and of you could even get the percentage for how many chickens have that coat that would be amazing
  13. RaintheRooster
    Oh sorry I edited that at the same time as you and it turned out differently

    But to program I need to know all the possible colors for each breed

    And if possible try to separate rare from common chickens for the programmers convinience, because usually everything is made hard for us lol

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