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  1. MewMewMichelle
    He looks like a golden laced wyandotte. thats what two of my little babes are. c:
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  2. Patinas
    Thanks so much! I looked up pics of golden laced wyandottes and I agree that's what he must be. I bought two chicks that were labeled pullet Sicilian buttercups but they were wrong because out of the two, one is a rooster and one is a hen and I've been wondering what they were because they don't look anything like buttercups. Beautiful birds though!
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  3. Farmer Connie
    Pick him up after the sun goes down. Repeat this about every other night. Pet the back of his neck. Stroke and gently pinch his neck. Each night you do this it will get easier and he will be more submissive. Eventually you can gently massage his throat. He will purr when the day comes that he realizes you are not a threat. If you show fear, they know it. If you show it you are he's friend, he will realize that after time.Yours is still young so there still time to create a bond. Good luck!
  4. MewMewMichelle
    I was supposed to have three golden laced wyandottes and three white plymouth rock chickens but ended up with two favorelles, two golden laced wyandottes, a white d'uccle, and an easter egger (which was my goal bird.. the luckiest surprise I've ever had!)I definitely understand getting something completely different! But I sort of get how it could happen.. So hard to tell! My easter egger looked just like the wyandottes except a red husky color instead of the darker brown.
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