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  1. Molpet
    Its for snow more than anything...I forget it on the 2nd one and it was ok
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  2. Molpet
    The door opening is 30 1/2" wide... the door is 30" wide
  3. Smuvers Farm
    How tall does it actually stand in the middle? How long are the end framing pieces on top? How big is the door? Measure EVERYTHING for meeeee... heck, just come here and build me a couple!!! PS. How long does it take to put one together?
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  4. Molpet
    I will take measurements tomorrow.... I take my time... the time consuming part is connecting the wire to each other... working a couple hours a day it took me 20-30 hrs
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  5. Smuvers Farm
    lol Thanks sweetie. Just yanking your chain...mostly... :D
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  6. Dayrel
    Both the door frames and the upper bar helps provide stability. They also help to provide an even shape to the structure. You can see that the structure is somewhat lopsided in one picture because the wooden structure is not yet complete. Finally, it also provides a handy place to hang things like lights, hanging food/water dishes, etc.

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