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  1. elaineinspain
    I've been using DLM successfully for over a year now and have never used DE with it (although I do use DE in the dust bathing patch out in the yard, and also in caring for my dog and cats and for myself) For the DLM to work correctly it must compost down, and, like you say, DE would kill the beneficial bugs who help with the composting process.
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  2. Liz7
    Which kind of floor do you use? I have heard that the floor in the coop and run must be normal earth floor. I'm about to built their forever coop and I really want to use this method correctly, so that it works. If it's not in contact with eath, then it might not compost, just dry at it's best. The method is called Korean something.
  3. Taliasun
    I've also heard that the DE can act as an inhaled irritant. Any respiratory problems?
  4. toomanyfowltocount
    Responding to Liz7, we have a wooden floor that we covered with linoleum (to protect it from rot). I use the DLM and it composts just fine. I don't use pine shavings though. Due to it being more cost effective (I have a 8x16ft coop) I use bermuda hay (a big bale for me costs $5 and we have livestock so we buy in bulk) And DE is actually good for the birds (to take internally), I mix it in with my birds food one a month as a natural parasite preventative, along with an herb blend I get online. As long as it's food grade, it's fine. Even people can (and do) take it internally for health issues. When putting it in the coop for fly control just make sure you wear a mask and your birds aren't in there until after you have mixed it into your bedding and let it settle. I've used it with the DLM and mine composts fine. Then again, it might have something to do with humidity too. We live in Texas so that helps break things down. If we were in the desert it might be different ;)

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