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  1. Shadrach
    I remember you commenting on the extra height at the front of your nest boxes in your comments on Cheepy's story. I took your advice as you can see on the new front of the isolation coop. What I hadn't realised is you use earth as a base. This I think is quite unusual but imo very important. I know nothing about your climate but as Imentioned above the problem I had with loose soil is it dried out very quickly and the hollow for the eggs collapsed. It also meant the purchase points for the hens feet tended to crumble away. I think some breeds due to characteristic breeding programs have more problems with supporting their weight than others. I would be very interested in learning about how the chickens you have cope. What made you put earth in the nesting boxes?
  2. Shadrach
    One more thing...what breed/s do you keep?
  3. Fields Mountain Farm
    Our climate is hot and humid during summer, rainy in spring and fall, cold and wet with occasional ice and snow in the peak of winter. As far as the dirt for a base, i noticed the hens would move much of the hay from the center leaving a wood surface and the eggs wouldnt sit quite right for their liking. They would seem to struggle with setting on all of them so I fugured a thick base of earth might help remedy this. It did but not as much as Id like. The dirt holds together well here due to humidity, I assume..They still struggle a bit to find a comfortable postion. I just hadnt found another solition until now, thanks to you. Lol
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  4. Fields Mountain Farm
    I have a mixed flock. Some French copper Marans, EEs, Ameracauna, Ayam Cemani, silkies, an ohikie roo, and some mixes of God only knows
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