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  1. MarlyMonster
    Thank you for sharing this! It’ll definitely help me when I try this experiment at home. EDIT: just watched both videos and not sure how the second one could be used outside of the water? The first video with the potato seems great however you’ll have to change bottles every 4 hours, and I’m not sure if this flow rate he’s to 500 ml/h like used in the actual experiment? Would love to chat with you about this though so I’ll be shooting you a message!
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  2. Gwynevere
    That is really cool! I love some good science!
  3. someusername
    Electrolysis tip: Dissolve BAKING SODA into water Use graphite electrodes
  4. MarlyMonster
    I did asking around onna chemistry forum and the potato experiment unfortunately isn’t controlled enough to make the oxygen supply needed for this experiment. It was a cool idea though :( There’s ways to make your own oxygen concentrator but I personally wouldn’t trust that not to blow up lol
  5. someusername
    Yeah, done electrolysis before, can confirm it is good. Just don't take the hydrogen :) *kabloom*
  6. someusername
    Potatoes can be contaminated, and it has to be basically sterile

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