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  1. duluthralphie
    Works great if you use ether starting fluid.. and a sealed container...
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  2. pitbullmomma
    It worked for me with my sick AC hen..just took awhile. But it was way better than my horrible, traumatizing attempt at cervical dislocation, which I will never do again. Hats off to you, and thanks, [USER=297297]@duluthralphie[/USER] !!
  3. Poultrybonkers
    if it took awhile then the bird suffocated hows that humaine?
  4. duluthralphie
    I have never had it take long and they simply go to sleep for me. They might have some gasps in the end, but they are asleep at that point and never know it. I use either, the same stuff they use to give humans for surgery. I am curious what do you use that you consider humane?
  5. pitbullmomma
    It didn't take that long. I don't remember exactly how long, it was a while ago . I used starting fluid. She wasn't gasping for air, she basically went to sleep. FWIW, I used to be a small animal vet (and a hospice nurse as well) and put many animals down, so I would not do anything that was inhumane. I was all about comfort care and quality of life and did not perform euthanasia lightly (ie, convenience euthanasia).
  6. pitbullmomma
    Ether=starting fluid. It's what they used to give humans for anesthesia back in the old days, prior to isofluorane and the other drug/gases they use now. NOT inhumane. If I still had access to vet drugs I wuld give Fatal Plus, but I don't want to pay the $500/year to keep my CDS license up. If I didn't earn about [USER=297297]@duluthralphie[/USER] 's method--or if it didn't work for whatever reason--I would take my chicken to a local vet friend in a heartbeat. Just sayin'.

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