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    This is the archive for the Commercial Chicken Farm Roleplay! This roleplay is hosted by @ChickenCrazyCountryGal . The roleplay thread can be found here.
    A grayed-out form means that the chicken is dead.

    Name: Rita
    Number: 613
    Barn: 1
    Breed: White Leghorn
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: She has been hardened by life in the industry and as a result she isn’t very nice. She also doesn’t believe that humans are capable of kindness.
    Description/Picture: White feathers, a pale floppy comb,
    Other: Lives in Barn #1 which houses the white egg layers.

    Name: Gallus
    Number: 17
    Barn: 1
    Breed: White Leghorn
    Age: 2
    Personality: Kind, caring, does his best to keep the hens’ spirits up, wary of humans.
    Description: White feathers, pale oversized floppy comb, overgrown nails from living on wire.
    Other: He managed to slip past the sexers as a day old chick and now resides in Barn #1.

    Name: Midnight
    Number: 3
    Barn: 1
    Breed: Black Sumatra
    Age: 2 years
    Personality: independent(rest to be played)
    Description: elegant frame, dark brown eyes, completely black(feathers have green sheen on them)
    Other- none

    Name: Preto
    Number: 103
    Breed: Cochin
    Barn: 2
    Age: 2 years(in reality, she’s 5 months.)
    Personality: curious(rest to be played)
    Description: LF Black cochin
    Other: BFF and sister is Onyx

    Name: Onyx
    Number: 102
    Breed: Cochin
    Barn: 2
    Age: 2 years(in reality, 5 months.)
    Personality: stand-offish, gentle(rest to be played.)
    Description: LF Black Cochin
    Other: BFF and sister is Preto

    Name: Erminette
    Number: 7
    Barn: 1
    Breed: Red Jungle Fowl
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: Very mean, an excellently adept flier.
    Description/Picture: Typical RJF hen, has spurs.
    Other: Born to be free, will fight on almost every given occasion.
    Barn #: 1

    Name: Chirp
    Number: 892
    Barn: 2
    Breed: ISA brown
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: Tries to remain hopeful despite her circumstances, tries to be a friend to all but that usually ends up with her being beaten up.
    Description/Picture: Very small, lays big eggs for her size. Missing TONS of feathers, sores all over her body.
    Other: Was named for when she was a chick. She loved to chirp, so thats what all the other chicks started calling her.
    Her greatest wish is to see the sun.

    Name: Fluff
    Number: 216
    Barn: 1
    Breed: Leghorn
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: depressed, a pessimist, given up on herself and her peers
    Description/Picture: A dirty white leghorn, missing lots of feathers, skinny, picked on
    Other: named for when she was a chick. She was a bouncy fluffy ball of fun then, but since she had been moved to the barn she had given up on herself. She has accepted her fate that she is going to the chop. Low on the packing order.

    Name: Peck
    Number: 321
    Barn: 1
    Breed: Leghorn
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: a BULLY! Takes out all of her misery on others.
    Description/Picture: A big tough white leghorn. One eye is swollen shut.

    Name: Cathy
    Number: 210
    Barn: 2
    Breed: Buff Orpington
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: kind, gentle.
    Description/Picture: buff, black tail, small head, pale wattles and comb.
    Other: none

    Name: Lucky
    Number: 13
    Barn: 2
    Breed: Sussex
    Age: two years
    Personality: Really shy,
    Description/Picture: Speckled Sussex, underweight,
    Other: best Friends with Sephora

    Name: Sephora
    Number: 9
    Barn: 2
    Breed: Wyandotte
    Age: two years
    Personality: Brave and outgoing, chases the scary things
    Description/Picture: Golden Laced, underweight, small legs, closest to bantam as possible without being a bantam.
    Other: BFF with Lucky

    Name: Amity
    Number: 783
    Barn: 1
    Breed: Leghorn
    Age: two years
    Personality: Search definition of Amity- peaceful, like the eye of a hurricane
    Description/Picture: White leghorn with extra large floppy comb

    Name: Vegas
    Number: 63
    Breed: Serama
    Barn: 2
    Age: two years
    Personality: Feisty, eager
    Description/Picture: Black with brown and white speckles
    Other: Her egg was accidently hatched, and she lays 2 times a week, but lives in barn 2. She keeps the other hens spirits up.

    Name~ Carie
    Number~ 199
    Barn~ 1
    Breed~ Brown Leghorn
    Age~ two years
    Personality~ a pushover :p
    Description/Picture~ Large red comb

    Name: Rose
    Number: 667
    Barn: 1
    Breed: Leghorn
    Age: two years (actually 26 weeks)
    Personality: Motherly, but also knows how to raise heck
    Description/Picture: white leghorn

    Name: Dusty
    Number: 982
    Barn: 1
    Breed: Brown Leghorn
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: dEPRESSED
    Description/Picture: A brown leghorn who is missing most of her beak
    Other: if she dies i will retaliate

    Name: Violet
    Number: 7828
    Barn: 1
    Breed: leghorn
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: shy, gentle, cautious
    Description/Picture: Brown Leghorn, missing feathers due to stress and picking
    Other: Low in pecking order. Gets bullied for her gentle nature

    Name: Pearl
    Number: 3937
    Barn: #1
    Breed: Leghorn
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: reckless, mischievous, aggressive, bold, wants OUT
    Description/Picture: White Leghorn, has scrapes on her eye and on her back
    Other: Top of pecking order in her cage. A tough survivor who likes getting her way

    Name: Snow
    Number: 2437
    Barn: #2
    Breed: ISA
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: Outgoing, cheerful, friendly, puts herself before others (ya she won't survive long lol)
    Description/Picture: ISA brown with more white feathers than normal ISA Browns. She has a pale, super huge comb and lays ginormous eggs
    Other: n/a

    Name: Soli
    Number: 5389 (smashing numbers on keyboard here)
    Barn: 1
    Breed: White leghorn
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: Kind and surprisingly motherly for a leghorn. (Could she be in a cage with Gallus? You know what I'm thinking? haha)
    Description/Picture: off white
    Other: n/a

    Name: Penny
    Number: 298
    Barn: 2
    Breed: Production red
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: secluded, remains out of the pecking order, lonely
    Description/Picture: A coppery red hen with a black tail.
    Other: Waddles like a penguin cos she's egg bound. Likely won't make it

    Name: Scout
    Number: 9276
    Barn: 2
    Breed: ISA brown
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: SUPER smart, uses that to her advantage
    Description/Picture: dark brown with a few white tail feathers
    Other: n/a

    Name: Juniper
    Breed: black Australorp
    Personality: freindly, trusting, a bit shy, a bit motherly, but still think I'm a spring chicken.
    Picture: to be added
    Description: rather small, black, rather pretty, fluffy, very sheen(y?) Feathers

    Name: Sunny
    Number: 707
    Barn: #1
    Breed: Leghorn
    Age: (two years)
    Personality: VERY optimistic and sunny. Always sees the bright side of things.
    Description/Picture: Don't have one sry!

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