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    The passion for chickens, it starts differently for all of us and takes a different path for all of us as well. My birds are my comapnions. I speak to them and they listen without judgement. They let me hold them and cry into their soft feathers when I am sad and boy oh boy do they love testing new goodies when I get into the baking frenzy.
    My birds brought me out of a deep depression last summer and I am forever greatful to them. I also suffer with fibromyalgia and RA, these birds give me a reason to push myself to get up every morning. I am happy and am able to deal with my problems better because of them.
    Here are a few pics of just some of my friends
    This is Blaze, the most gentle and sweet rooster in the whole flock. He is a golden sebrite and remains the boss. [​IMG]
    Here she is the lovely Katana. She is treated like a princess and is the most respected hen. She is Blaze's girl and no one had better even think about looking at her.
    Beast, my beautiful black cochin. oh he loves laying in any green grass he can find.

    Playing hide and seek
    Raven the australorp loves getting her picture taken.
    I ordered a batch or 10 chicks in oct. 2 each, rhode island red ( Herra and Artemis) Black Langshan ( Pandora and Bast) Black Australorp ( Athena and Aphrodite) Silver laced wyandotte ( Freya and Venus) and Dark Brahma ( Luna and Isis) They are all names of goddess (they are all sexed pullets) so they are dubbed the goddess chicks
    Of course they are all bigger and outside now. More of those pics later

    I have much more to share, Stayed tuned for more chicken excitement!!!!!

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