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Compulsiveclucks Member Page

  1. Compulsivecluck
    First off, I am new to the meat chicken experience. I currently have 5 buckeye chickens which I use solely for layers/ my 2 childrens pets , and 7 Cornish x which I purchased yesterday ( 1 week old) I research everything extensively before I make a purchase in an effort to avoid costly and timely mistakes. So for the last 7 months I have been getting prepared ( purchasing coop, building a fence,researching the correct food, and making a plucker.) for meat birds. Yesterday I took the plunge and purchase the 7 Cornish x inspite of a lot of negative things I have heard about heart and leg problems. However in the long run I would like to be self-sufficient instead of relying on hatcheries for my chickens. Does anybody have suggestions on the type of chicken which is a good meat bird and I can sustain my own birds by incubating my own eggs?

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