Concord Cluckers Coop

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  1. NeumanNesters
    The "Concord Cluckers" Coop

    (we live on Concord Drive...hence the name)


    We officially started building this coop over my husband's spring break (he's a teacher) in April 2013. Eight chicks were coming May 6th, so it was crunch time! It's an 8 x 8 raised coop and 12 x 12 run. My husband designed it all on his own and built it with a little help from my dad (mainly the rafters, roof and siding). I will mostly let the pictures explain the work because I don't know all the technical details, but feel free to post any design or construction questions and he can answer those more specifically.

    We looked at countless pictures of coops on this website so this is a conglomerate of those ideas. We really needed a functional coop that utilized a small amount of space and was pleasing to the eyes and nose (we live on a cul-de-sac with neighbors close by). And predators were a concern because we have many on the ground and in the sky.

    We've had the chickens in the coop and run for about a month now and haven't come across any design issues. My only concern is trying to clean under the coop because I don't want crawl under there. I'm hoping hosing it out periodically will do the trick.

    Exterior Pictures of Coop Being Built...

    The coop was built about 18" off the ground at the highest point (8 x 8 ft) so that the chickens could get out of the elements when necessary. We live in northeast Ohio and have every weather condition but hurricanes!​

    Front view of platform with plywood on top.​

    Walls going up with openings for windows and door.​

    We used pre-primed shed siding from Home Depot...where almost all our materials came from.​

    View of where the human and chicken doors will go.​

    (Ventilation was a big focus, so we put a ridge vent and several large soffit vents on each side. We also have 4 2x2 windows)​

    Here's some pictures of the interior...

    This has since been covered with chicken wire to protect the birds from nails on the roof if they fly up and predators who make it past vent holes.

    The kids helped paint the interior (you'll see some of their artwork in the following pics).​

    Pop door on a pulley system we can open and close from the outside. It leads to a small enclosed porch and the run.

    The windows are covered with hardware cloth and the wood pieces are to create an opening to open and close/lock the windows. The windows only slide one way, so nothing can get in the space on the left. A vertical 2x4 blocks the potential passage so we can leave the windows open at night.​

    Roosting bar (2x4 laying flat) and poop board filled with Sweet PDZ horse stall freshener. It's completely save for chickens even if they eat it and works like kitty litter. I clean it out every morning with a kitty litter scooper. All the chickens are sleeping up there at night now...half of them kept sleeping on the floor in a pile until we put this in there. Once we did this, they came in at night on their own and all slept in a row on the bar. Wonderful!

    Pine shavings are on the floor of the coop. We haven't made nesting boxes yet, but they will go under the poop board. The roosting bar and poop board run the whole width of the coop. They use the ramp to get up there. They ignore the perching area at the top of the ramp and balance on the skinny board on the front of the poop board. That front is actually on a hinge and has eye hooks and latches holding it in place on the inside corners. This way, when we want to completely change the Sweet PDZ, we can drop down the front and sweep it into a trash can.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I don't know how this idea originated, but I guess you spend this much time and money on a coop, you want to see what your chickens are doing and if they are safe. My husband installed a FoscamPro camera that he bought off I believe it was $60. You can view video anytime over the internet and even download an App on your Smartphone or Ipad. It has come in handy when we are out of town or wondering if they all made it in at night. The right picture is taken off my Ipad (before they got their fancy roosting pole).

    Nesting boxes for future eggs.​

    Pictures of the Enclosed Run...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We live on the side of a ravine, so my husband had to deal with building this run on a steep hill. He also had to completely enclose it in hardware, floor and walls. (Actually the floor has chicken wire inside the 12x12 because the cloth is so costly). The cloth extends a couple feet out from the walls. Hawks and racoons are the main predators, but we can also get coyotes.​

    After much research, we decided to do about 2" of pea gravel in the run and under the coop and about 3-4" of construction sand over the gravel in the run. This is supposed to be much cleaner than dirt and/or straw. So far that has proved to be true, but I haven't been able to sift it like I'm supposed to because it came wet and has rained almost every day since! But I can still scoop poop out with kitty litter scoop and turn sand over once in awhile. If it ever dries out, I'm hoping to sift poop with a pitchfork covered in hardware cloth. Chickens don't mind walking on gravel under the coop at all.​

    Latched door to the chicken area just for added protection...chickens can't escape as easily and kids can't get in as easily. You can also see the pulley system on the side of the coop to open and close the chicken pop door.​

    View of the chicken porch that leads from chicken door to run (ramp going down).​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    They can get to the area under the coop down below the porch. The entire area under the coop is wrapped in hardware cloth also. Lots of staples and masonary screws.

    The door leading to the coop (swings out) with latch and clip for smart racoons.​

    Happy Chickens (almost 9 weeks old)!





    Portable grass box.​




    Thanks for viewing!

    Feel free to ask any questions...we are more than happy to help others with this endeavor!

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  1. chickenlily13
    Nice job! Keeps us all busy thinking how are the chicks doing.
  2. 3crazychicksOH
    OMG!!! love this coop. Have to say this is one of my favorites! love the camera....I may just have to do that, LOL...I to wonder how they are doing at night/out of town. GREAT JOB!! :)
  3. NeumanNesters
    The box of light material in the run was Sweet PDZ for them to dust bathe in. The sand wasn't deep enough at the time. Eventually we picked up more sand. I must say, the Sweet PDZ in the poop board under the roost is the best thing for easy cleaning. Just use a cat litter scooper.
    The grass box did work well, but it takes awhile for grass to grow so we need to make a few and rotate. We threw grass clippings in all summer as well.
  4. nkkennedy
    Love it! You did a great job! How did your grass boxes hold up? I want to build those next summer?
  5. basser
    You done well. I like it !
  6. mekat49
    Great job....I love it. What was the plastic box with white material in it? (In the run)
  7. dewey69usa
    looks great! glad to see the kids so involved. always glad to see another NE Ohio on here. also glad to see that the flock is as collective as the artwork in the coop. a variety of colors is always a bonus.
  8. Shabana
    Congratulations !!! Fabulous job on the artwork by your kids - love it
    Your hens look super happy great job very well planned and built.
  9. MsChickenMomma
    WONDERFUL coop!! It looks great!
  10. NeumanNesters
    We are honored to be picked as Coop Picture of the Week! Just as an update, we are very glad we built a raised coop because the chickens LOVE hanging out under there when it's too hot in the sun, too cold in the wind, raining or when they get freaked out from the sound of a hawk.
  11. TheReadyBoys
    Awesome! I love the way the chickens get to and from the coop! Very creative!
  12. ChickensAreSweet
    So nice and secure! Great job!
  13. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  14. Hischick
    EXCELLENT job on the run with the sloping terrain.
  15. dwgov
    Really nice work.
  16. CarolinaHens
    I love your design and the great artwork inside. Job well done. Your babies look very happy.
  17. NeumanNesters
    Thanks for the positive comments. I do wish we could've given them a grassy area to roam, but I try to make up for it by throwing various things in there everyday. They turn their noses up on just about any weed I put in, but love clover. I sprout BOSS for them in a plastic container filled with dirt. I just put it in there and they go to town. I also sprout it in water inside. I haven't experimented with other types of seed yet. My husband plans to build a removable box we can plant grass in.
  18. Peaceeagle1
    Very nice setup. I hope you provide "green stuff" to make up for the lack of grass! My pen is large, with lots of grass area. There is 1 problem area right in front of the door that gets all the runoff water from rain and the roof of the coop( I converted my back porch into my coop) that gets extremely muddy. I'm looking for a solution for that, although with our hot (90's) weather right now, they seem to be enjoying the wet spot. Your idea of gravel and sand sounds like something I can look into. Thanks
  19. Defjam is good to see a fellow NE Ohioan here! Dj
  20. Stumpy
    Fantastic job on both coop and run! I can relate to the lack of level ground.
  21. chicksbunsdog
  22. TwoCrows
    Nicely done! And the chicks look so content roosting in the run looking outside. Great job!

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