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    Coop 2009

    Imagine that, people who have chickens and have more than one coop…

    I think it is an airborne phenomenon spread by chicken feathers…
    There were a few things I wanted to change in my second coop. The first coop was strictly functional and not very pleasing to look at. The second one had to be cute and accent my garden. The second thing was I did not want a walk in coop; I hate walking in the coop! I always step in poo or brush against something covered with 2” of dust. So, a cute reach in coop was the ticket. Third, I did not want to supplement light and love the coops with decorative windows. We found the windows on Craig's-list for 10.00 for all four. I did not intend to have four windows just one would have been fine. But…. They were so nice I decided to use them all. I could always block one or two of them off if I didn’t like it. Well we put it together and just couldn’t bear to think of taking one off. Fourth thing we did different was ventilation. Our last coop had to be retrofitted this summer with plenty of ventilation, last winter we did not have near enough vents for 9 chickens. we were amazed by how much moisture was in the coop, it ran down the windows. This one was going to have vents built into it to start with. We did not want to cut holes in the wall after the fact. Fifth thing different, nice siding. The final thing is we used sand in the run and IN the coop. 3-4" outside and 2" on the inside. I love it! If you are even considering sand go for it you won't regret it. it is so easy to dispose of after words (if you want to replace it) we just mixed it in the garden bed, no composting for a year!! love love love sand.
    I absolutely love this coop. It looks so pretty in my garden area. We will do a little bit of new landscaping around it spring of 2010. It was too late in the season when we got it done and we would have had to rip out my tomatoes. There will be a path around the front to the nest box and run. Right now, we have to kind of skirt around the garden bed that is in the way, but not for long.

    I hope you enjoy the pictures.
    This is an almost finished pic, just need to finish run.
    it has the clear palruf corrugated roofing.
    Future chicken palace location.
    Wow were those windows a lot of work!!
    Walls are simple, window frames, not so much.

    Here are the cut outs for the feeder and the pop hole
    Roof joist one of several.
    Future nest box/storage area. New feeder on the floor.

    We used salvage door skins from home depot to cover the interior walls. Real thin. They are fully caulked, insulated and flashed with sheet metal. along with several coats of primer and several coats of exterior paint from the restore place in town. All pieces were finished in the garage and then assembled in the yard with the exception of the siding.
    All painted and the floor covered in a vinyl scrap. ready to assemble
    in the back yard. I get my garage back!!
    large screened vent under this window. will have a wooden louver vent cover.

    Large communal nest box. it has pine shavings and is now blocked off with just a small opening at one end. they constantly tossed out the shavings into the sand in the coop. messy. I have had no complaints using this method and I had a gold laced Cochin in there being broody for 2.5 months!! it was so cute she would cuddle any one who was laying an egg, then steal their egg...
    The cedar siding was slow going. but it looks so nice!! this shows the outside feeder, the lid lifts up to fill from the outside. notice vents at the top, they are on both sides and can be closed.

    Nest box/storage. The best part is inside the box, the future pop hole opener. the plans to make the automatic pop hole opener is on one of my other pages, check it out!

    No stain on yet. The windows lock in 3 places. One on the top right pane,in the middle of both, and a bolt on the bottom of the left pane into the floor. there is a fiberglass door stop kind of thing between them both so the right door hits on the left door and there is no crack between.
    We put a ladder like roost in this one just like the last. Our silkie found a way up and roosts with everyone else.
    our chickens spend very little if any time in coop. their door goes up right after dawn and closes just after dusk.
    We used sand in the run and in the coop. I can't imagine it any other way.
    I love it!!!

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  1. CCUK
    "Fantastic coop"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 10, 2018
    Very nice. It's so much easier to prefabricate and assemble on site. Good pictures and loads of information.


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  1. SuperK
    My GF Loves this design and great photos of the build process. JoAnn and I are going to use a modified version to fit our weather here in Hawaii- Hot and humid, the rain will work to our advantage. The run off will be caught by rain gutters, diverted to a tank, then filtered for the chickens use. We'll be making separate spaces for laying hens and meat birds- We then plan on expanding to include other fowl like turkeys, geese, ducks, pheasants and quail. Thanks for sharing! Love this forum for the generosity of its members.
  2. featherweightmn
  3. Coachmorris30
    Just wanted to say how much my wife and I love your coop. We used your design to model ours after. It get's really hot here in Central Texas so we designed it with the heat more in mind, but I wanted to let y'all know how much we appreciate the postings of the construction of your coop. Now I am waiting on my power adapters from Ebay to make the automatic pop door on your other post. Thank you!!
  4. wolfym14
    I love this coop and thanks for the photos during building and all the info. I have a coop in progress and have come back to this site many many times for ideas and help!
  5. treehouse
    Love it !
  6. Blackcatsrule
    That is adorable! I love it! Thank you for sharing all of these photos with us.
  7. BunnyMomma
    Looove! That is such a beautiful coop and set up so nicely. I enjoyed looking at your coop.
    Sincerely, Bunny
  8. Lotus
    nice try.u did it on your own?

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