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  1. crazypetlady
    17. Best Hatch Rate

    For this contest during this hatch,
    participants will need to be setting a minimum of 24 eggs, with confirmation picture posted to this thread on set day
    These can be under a couple of broodies or in your incubators. Tell us how many you will have cooking and then don't go back and edit your post where you tell us how many eggs you start with. We'll need that info
    by the 3rd Jan at latest
    to be included in the contest. When the hatch is over,
    you'll take a pic and post it to show us how many
    you actually got
    ...the picture must be of sufficient quality to count all the chicks.
    In the event of a tie, the one who hatches the most chicks wins.


    The Top 3 hatchers will win Big Ole Bird poultry supplement

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