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By CONTONHOOTCH · Jan 11, 2012 ·
    [FONT=terminal,monaco]My name is Connie. I live in SW Pennsylvania with my husband of 20 years. We have 13 1/2 acres of property and raise 22 chickens. we just recently purchased a Buff Orpington Rooster after losing my very precious Brown Silkie Rooster. This spring I plan on having babies (I hope) from all my hens. I have 2 Ameracauns (1 bannie and 1 full size), 3 RIR's, 1 Brahma, 5 Red and Black Sexlinks, 2 Silver laced Wyandottes and 3 Buff Cochins and 3 white hens which I have no idea what they are. My most favority hobbie outside of my chickens is Plastic Canvas. If any one you ladies out these do plastic canvas please contact me.[​IMG]We are in the process of incubating for the first time, so if anyone has any suggestions for a newbie, please do so. We no longer have a Buff Orpington Rooster, and we are down to just one Silver Laced Wyandotte. We are also down to just 16 chickens in total. Long story.[/FONT]

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